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Costume Services

Ordering Costumes (Terms and Conditions)


Troupe Costumes

1. Pick a style from our designs and choose a fabric colour and range. Alternatively we can look at your designs.

2. Complete our Costume Quote Form with staff to establish size range, quantity and performance date.

3. We will return the Quote form to you with a price and any recommended alterations to design.

4. Once price and design has been agreed we make sample sizes in the style with your chosen fabric.

5. Samples must be tried on each child to determine their size for the order and the samples will be used to fill your final order.

6. Costume Order Form must be filled out completely with the required sizes. Teachers must be responsible for ensuring the correct amount of costumes is ordered.

7. Teachers must take the responsibility of paying for what is ordered.

Solo Costumes

*Customer choose your design from our stock designs

(We don’t custom make patterns/designs for one off costumes: troupes only)

*Select your fabric combinations from in store- stretch fabrics only

( Your decision to choose your own fabric combinations is an additional $10- $15 to the ticket price of your design)

*For size try on a garment in stock

(You must take responsibility for the size you choose, no exchanges or alterations)

*To ensure your design, colours and size are correct sign the paperwork we have written your order on.

*A deposit is required of minimum 10% on the day of the order.

*Collect your costume from us 2 weeks from the order date or as you are advised via phone call from our friendly staff.